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by Angela Cotton

written February 2nd, 2012

From the heroine of food writing herself, a bout of brilliance.

There are a lot of firsts in life. First blogs, first posts on your first blog… first glass of your birthyear-vintage Krug. But first impressions count. So enough about Krug. And the 3 inches of unforgettable 1988 splendor that graced my glass after service. And more on MFK. How true is this?

A woman of poise and prose, she believed that eating well was one of the “arts of life,” and explored it as such through her writing. There is so much beauty in the culture and craft of the culinary world. I live this every day, surrounded by cases of Sterling caviar and scales of weighty white truffles (…okay, the tartufi said bid their adieu in January. D-e-n-i-a-l.), amidst the hands of the humblest chefs and their prized spoons and knives. Though so often scowled for high prices and higher egos, the Michelin star world is both a blessed and a storied one, of which MFK would agree has the potential to paint the prettiest prose. So perhaps this is my mission statement of sorts: to shed light on the life of fine dining, through the romanticism of days at The Laundry, and the people and places that fill it’s table.